About us

The family-owned company P.M.H. Design s.r.o. was founded in December 1991 in Český Krumlov (Czech Republic), where it still has its headquarters.


In 1994, we launched the production of sanitary partitions. The Elmaplan sanitary partition system is constantly evolving and its individual model series can be used even in the most demanding conditions. More information about Elmaplan products can be found here: www.pmh-co.sk


In 1999, we started manufacturing bathroom radiators. Since then, we have improved our production and significantly expanded our product portfolio of radiators. Our main strengths are quality, design and the local Czech production. Currently, we do not only serve the domestic market, but also export to several countries in the European Union and Canada.


In 2010, we expanded the into wood manufacturing business. Specifically, we are focusing on the production of acacia and oak terraces.


P.M.H. & The Environment

Our company emphasizes respect for the environment. That is why we try to take small, albeit effective, steps leading to greater thoughtfulness and care about the planet. In 2020, we changed the packaging of our bathroom radiators to a fully plastic free one. This has reduced plastic waste in packaging by 2 tons per year. We also save 210 km of plastic tape per year.


The next step was the purchase of an electric car, which is now used for short business trips around Český Krumlov and its surroundings. We have newly installed solar panels on the roofs of our company buildings in order to reduce our carbon footprint.



History and traditions


Foundation of P.M.H. Design s.r.o


Start of production and sale of Elmaplan sanitary partitions


Start of production of bathroom radiators.


Start of wood production.


We switched to "plastic-free" packaging for our bathroom radiators.


We started driving an electric car.


30 years anniversary of the company P.M.H. Design s.r.o.